Home Saving Is Van Living the New “Thing”?

Is Van Living the New “Thing”?


Like many Brits, a large portion of your income will most likely be spent on your home. There will be other things, of course, but the vast majority of your income is probably spent covering your mortgage or rent. In London, the average monthly rent is £1,301, while elsewhere in England and Wales we’re paying a staggering £816 in rent each month. Quite astounding figures really when you think about it. But what if you could change all this?

It would be nice wouldn’t it, not to have to see, in some cases, over half of your wage go on the cost of living… I know our mortgage is fairly big but it’s manageable and that’s where a budget has come in handy for us. However, if you could cut those costs, would you?

Something I recently saw online from Van Monster looked into the cost of living in a van. Sound odd? Yeah, I thought so too however, once I read into it a little more, the more it kind of made sense.In their latest graphic, used commercial vehicle retailer Van Monster has shed some light on the growing culture of people ditching their homes in favour of living in a van. As well as discussing the pros and cons of #VanLife, you can find out how to make the switch and answer those questions you’ve always wondered about, including going to the toilet and showering.

I admit, this probably isn’t something that you’d consider if you have a family and a house that you’re currently running but if you’re still not able to afford to live on your own and move out of your parent’s house, or shared accommodation then this is something you may want to look at.

To find out more about living it up in a van, take a look at the graphic in full.

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