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What to Buy Each Other as a Wedding Present


Although it is a common tradition for wedding guests to buy gifts for the new couple on their big day, it’s a less known custom for the groom and bride to give each other presents. If you are intending on marking the most special day in your life together so far by exchanging gifts, you may be looking for inspiration. In the following post we will look at some meaningful and loving ideas for all you brides and grooms to treat your other half with.

Many of these ideas do not involve particularly lavish or expensive presents. Rather, they are more about the meaning behind them. You want to help mark such a special occasion with something memorable that will help elevate the day and event even more.

Whether you want to buy something as a combined gift you can share or you are planning a special surprise for your groom or bride, these ideas will hopefully give you a few suggestions.

Take a Class or Go on a Course Together

You could take on the challenge of learning a new skill together. This could be in the form of a short course in something like cooking or rock climbing or a series of ballroom dancing lessons. Whatever you settle on, the fact that you are doing it together will help strengthen your bond and give you a lot of great memories from the get-go of your brand-new shared life.

A Special Piece of Art for Your New Home

If you are moving in together for the first time only after the wedding, you could mark the occasion by pitching in together or surprising your other half with a special piece of artwork. Whether it’s something related to the subject of love and marriage, is not important. It’s what the artwork actually symbolises and besides it might be a good idea to invest in one that features your shared passions.

An Adventurous Experience on Your Honeymoon   

So, you have the honeymoon booked and paid for, perhaps by one lot of the parents or friends. You could make it a little extra special and book a spa day for you both or a scuba diving excursion. It may be that you decide on these kinds of extras together or perhaps you want to each take a turn at planning a surprise activity for the other as part of your honeymoon.

Special Wedding Gift Baskets

Other good wedding presents to give one another are wedding gift baskets. Similarly, to a traditional hamper, these include a lot of nice things with a theme. You can get a smellies gift basket full of toiletries and items designed to help the other pamper themselves or you can get an incredibly attractive and stunning gift tower full of sweets and treats.

Whatever you decide to get each other to exchange as gifts on the big day, they will undoubtedly help make that special day even more memorable.