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What To Expect When Selling a Diamond


If you have sold something online before you know just how easy it can be. You simply list what you have to sell, and then ship it to the buyer or meet with them locally and collect your money. While this works great for some things, selling a diamond online or even locally can be a great challenge for many reasons. By knowing what to expect when selling a diamond, you’ll have a better understanding of the process and easily find the best option to help you earn more money. We will show you some of the different options you have when selling diamonds and you can determine what is best for you

Don’t Try The Usual Sites

Websites like eBay and Craigslist likely come to mind when it is time to sell something, but unfortunately these are not great options when it comes to selling diamonds. Online buyers cannot tell if the diamond is real or not, leading to extremely low offers. While local buyers will be able to see and inspect the diamond themselves before purchasing, they likely do not have the expertise to determine if it is real or of high quality. People looking to buy diamonds on these websites will be wary of purchasing unless they are getting an excellent deal. So the first thing you need to expect when selling a diamond is that these websites will not yield much success, but luckily there are still places online that will pay good money for your diamonds or jewelry.

Online Diamond Buyers Are Becoming Popular

Online diamond buyers have been becoming more and more popular because of the great services they provide. As you just read, the usual online selling sites aren’t great for diamonds, but these buyers fill this void. The process is extremely simple, it is free to ship you diamonds and you can either print or have a shipping label mailed and then package the diamonds and send them off. The diamond buyer will inspect the diamond and make an offer. No negotiating, just accept the offer and choose a type of payment, or have your diamonds shipped back for free. While the process is very similar amongst all diamond buyers, there are online diamond buyer reviews that can differentiate things like insurance amount and allow you to have a better understanding of what to expect. The whole process can take as little as a few days and many people find it very convenient. But what if you need the money for your diamonds now?

Local Pawnshops Are Another Option

Using a pawnshop to sell your diamond has likely crossed your mind, and you probably know what to expect when walking in. The problem that you will run into is that it is extremely difficult to grade a diamond. Not only does it take years of training to become a certified diamond appraiser, the pawnshops also do not have the proper tools for the process. So if you need the money immediately you can take it in, but this will probably lead to a low offer as the pawnshop will not be able to determine its value. Now that you know what to expect when selling a diamond to a pawnshop, we recommend calling beforehand to see if they are able to appraise diamonds.

The online diamond buyers mentioned above specialize solely in diamonds so they are able to dedicate the necessary resources to appraising diamonds. By employing expert diamond graders and equipping them with the best possible tools, online diamond buying businesses are accurate with their appraisals and have the ability to offer more cash for diamonds when they are certain they will make a profit on the diamond. These online diamond buyers have proven to be the best option when it comes to selling diamonds. You now know what to expect with the different options available and can choose what works best for you.